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An ardent admirer of old-world glamour, Aishika Xaviera draws inspiration from the sparkle of chandeliers, the finesse of couture gowns, and the rich hues of peonies, blending these with grandiose backdrops that stir nostalgia.


Her prestigious career is adorned with collaborations with iconic brands such as Christian Dior, Burberry, Belmond, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Ritz Paris, and Harrods.


Beyond her enchanting illustrations, Aishika's expertise extends to assisting brands and businesses with creative direction. Through her keen understanding of brand aesthetics and narrative, she helps businesses capture the essence of their vision, translating it into tangible, striking visual language. Her role in shaping brand stories is not just about creating images; it's about curating experiences and building a resonance that transcends the visual to become a feeling, an atmosphere, a promise of luxury and timeless appeal.



At the heart of Aishika's work is a commitment to empowerment. Her creations are not just illustrations; they are powerful statements of originality, timelessness, and the strength of the feminine spirit. By intertwining motivational messages within her art, Aishika aims to kindle self-belief and well-being, inspiring women to see the beauty and potential within themselves.

In every stroke and colour, Aishika seeks to infuse a touch of sparkle, luxury, and positivity, transforming everyday life into an extraordinary experience. Her work is a testament to the belief that empowered women empower women, creating a ripple effect of inspiration and strength that transcends the boundaries of art.


Old-World Charm

New-Age Techniques

Aishika Xaviera's artistic technique is a seamless blend of classic and modern. Rooted in the traditional elegance of watercolours, charcoal, oils, and inks, she infuses her work with a contemporary twist through digital artistry. This unique approach creates a distinct, timeless, avant-garde visual narrative, bridging historical artistry with contemporary fashion and design trends.

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